Mental Media is a partnership between Jared Phelps, Cameron Gillispie, and Rankin Barger that was started in June 2015. Mental Media was founded on two principles. First as a way to help growing and established musicians, artists, and businesses in Oklahoma and surrounding states reach a larger audience. Second we saw a market that was full of production and media companies gouging clients for every dime they have. We know and are familiar with the hard work and struggle that goes into running a business, being in a band, or starting out as an independent artist. We strive to provide our clients with top quality media at prices that are more reasonable to their budget. Our goal is to take some of the work off artists and businesses owners and let them focus on their passion. While the three of us come from different backgrounds in media we all share one common passion. MAKING THE BEST PRODUCT FOR OUR CLIENTS. Since our launch we have branched out from working solely in the music industry. We now offer our services for any business, from shooting commercials for law firms to real estate developers and everything in between. Our experience ranges from working with musicians to film and television productions. 

What We Do

At Mental Media we offer a number of services to help promote the musicians, artists, and other clients we work with.

  •  Videography

  •  Photography

  •  Website Design

  •  Graphic Design

  •  We sometimes sell things