Dylan Stewart & the Eulogists




“I first heard Dylan in a cheap motel in Ardmore, Oklahoma. He was intent on me hearing his songs. Well I recorded an album with him. He was right. The world should hear his work. A true artist”

- Mike McClure

In a music scene full of people trying to sell an image before they ever sell a song, finding true artists is getting harder and harder it seems. Where do you find the guys that are in it for the music, for the love of the song? They are still out there. Ringling, Oklahoma native Dylan Stewart is that guy.

Being influenced by Oklahoma music icons The Great Divide was a given for a kid growing up in Oklahoma but taking that influence and blending in the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and other masterful song writers is what gives Dylan Stewart his distinct sound. Dylan began playing music at the age of 14 with friends from his hometown. He began to write his own songs at the age of 18 and hasn’t stopped since.

After graduating from high school Dylan re located to Norman for college and to focus more on his music career. He managed to record his first album, "Pay the Fiddler," was produced by Norman folk fixture Travis Linville,  He met many great artists in the local scene, but was still working to form his own identity. That identity was formed once he moved into a small rambled house on Myall road in Ardmore, Oklahoma. In this house, Stewart spent countless hours working on new material while expanding his musical tastes and states of consciousness. His time spent in Norman and Ardmore helped alter and shape the way he viewed the world and its surroundings and had a huge impact on his song-writing style. This is where he also met Caleb Story, one of the original members of Dylan’s first band. 

Caleb brought a completely different element to Dylan’s music. Being raised in Dallas, Texas on a steady diet of metal and punk rock had made him a very unique bass player. Caleb had been playing bass for years, in and out of bands, and had just relocated to Ardmore. Along with Ringling native and long-time friend of Dylan, Myles Stroud they formed Dylan Stewart and the Johnny Strangers an alt country/folk band. A real hodge podge of musicians who played in the underbelly of the Oklahoma music scene with a different lead guitar player most shows. It was during this time Dylan met Mike McClure who was recording songs at his Boohatch studio in Ada. The Johnny Strangers had complied 12 songs they thought were fit for an album. In 2012 they got with McClure and with the help of Mike Hardy in 2013 they released their self-titled debut album.

Not long after the release of the album Myles left the band to pursue a different career.  At this point Dylan had quit his day job to become a full time musician and moved back to Norman. This time in Norman he met Jake Adamson (lead guitar) and Matt Unruh (drums),   to round out a crew of similar minded spirits and they brought to life Dylan Stewart & the Johnny Strangers. This new crew also brought out a new sound, a sound that leaned more toward Americana and Southern Gothic. Now that the band was firmly cemented they needed a new identity, and thus Dylan Stewart & the Eulogists was born.

The Eulogists have had great local success playing in venues all across Oklahoma, down into Texas and up into the high country of Colorado. Dylan Stewart and the Eulogists bring a Southern Gothic vibe to Oklahoma's growing Americana scene. The Eulogists seamlessly bridge the gaps between folk, rock, and alt-country. Stewart now writing tunes about love and loss, death and despair, in a way that brings light to instances of beauty in the grotesque, highlighted by shimmering guitars, driving rhythms, and Stewart's unique gravel-road vocal styling. in 2016 the eulogists completed their first record titled "giving up the ghost." the album was recorded at the boohatch studio in ada ok. it was produced by mike mcclure and john knudson. mixing was done by trent bell at bell labs studio in norman, ok. it as mastered by garrett haines at treelady studios in pittsburgh,PA. album artwork was done by david paul seymour. in addition to the eulogists the album features many notable oklahoma singers and musicians including, mike mcclure, john knudson, taylor reed, travis linville, samatha crain, and camille harp.

 Shayne Hollinger DJ at KFWR 95.9 FM in Fort Worth says, "Dylan Stewart is an amazing artist that has somehow to this point gone under the radar.  His music reminds me of why I fell in love with the songwriting of Townes."