Tanner Miller





 Tanner Miller is a native Texan from dallas. he transplanted into the norman, oklahoma music scene in 2010. he writes most of his own material and echoes the americana genre in sound and content. His songs reflect true life situations and are essentially folkie short stories about bona fide people.

 his guitar work is varied and professional and it adds texture to the story lines and melodies. his voice is authentic and straight forward, Lending to the combination of lyrics and music to draw the listener into the dramatic scenarios. each Composition is a complete universe unto itself

Tanner draws from a cache of masters including john prine, guy clark, and robert earl keen, as well as bringing his unique perspective to the table. he uses melody, lyrics and guitar to create a complete experience that honors the tradition of storytelling singer songwriters. his work is observational, entertaining, and authentic

Early on, his parent would quiz him on who was singing what song on the radio, leading him to an awareness of music at an early age. he was born with stub thumbs, and he hopes to be able to someday grow a beard. the final product of tanner miller's art is greater than all of the individual elements of his show, and this is what makes it as artistic as it is entertaining.